UNITED+TRU is a movement of women and girls who are redefining beauty. We are about every size, age, background and culture living out their God-given beauty and potential to walk confidently in who they were made to be. We believe every woman is wired to display the unique beauty of God. With all of the pressures out there to be perfect, it’s time to redefine what beauty really is.

We come together for a life-changing night of empowering panel speakers, shopping with local artists/vendors, valuable giveaways and a designer fashion show. It gets better- UNITED + TRU is committed to giving a portion of our ticket and sponsor proceeds away to help human trafficking victims around the world.

Brittany Dunn, co-founder of Safe House Project, a non-profit that is at the forefront of the fight against sex trafficking and active in survivor rescue, redemption and restoration, said this of United and TRU; “I hope you work me out of a job”. She understands that in order to eradicate human trafficking, prevention is a vital step. U+TRU’s mission to let every girl know their true worth, is a key in prevention. For this reason and more, we have teamed up with organizations such as A21/norfolk and Safe House Project in this fight.

Sandra on F.I.T. in Faith Podcast

2021 Fashion Show & Women’s Conference

The “None Like Her” 2021 Fashion Show & Women’s Conference was Friday, September 17th and Saturday, September 18th, brought to you by UNITED + TRU and Real Life Women’s Ministry.

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UTRU Core Values:


We are a Christ-centered outreach organization and operate out of a Biblical framework. We are committed to proclaiming God’s message of beauty, worth, and identity to women and girls. From work, to home, relationships and ministry we commit to proclaim the freedom we have in Christ, and unity we have as a result. 


We believe no two women are alike on purpose. We honor uniqueness and believe nothing compares to the internal beauty and purpose of each woman and girl. 


We believe our confidence comes from Christ and we are already enough because of His power, love and the beauty within us. We choose to walk in this posture throughout our leadership, events and programs. 


We believe we are better together. Our goal is to foster a welcoming and caring environment to women of all ages locally and around the world. 

Fear: The Ultimate Solution

I used to have nightly panic attacks. In the shadows, small worries became giant monsters. When I joined Jesus, He fought for me… and He taught me how to fight for myself and others. I’ve yet to master fear’s ultimate solution (fearing God)… but I’m getting closer. Because fearing God leaves no room to fear anything else. Read More…



Letwa Gooden

WHAT AN AMAZING EVENING! The show was filled will fashion of all types but most importantly, the show was filled with powerful testimonies from a diverse group of women telling their stories and empowering everyone in the room. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it ! – LETWA Fashion Collection LLC

Letwa Gooden



What Is Beauty & How Do You Get It?

What Is Beauty & How Do You Get It?

By Carey Lewis

My mother was a New York fashion model in the late 1940’s. My daughter is a New York fashion photographer, and I’ve spent my whole life in the beauty business. I know how to polish “diamonds in the rough,” and I know how to make “plain” people look attractive. Read More…



2020 Beauty REDEFINED