• It's time to know your worth and act on it.

    It’s time to know your worth and act on it.

    A guy asked me out to coffee recently. “Cool,” you may think I said in response. After all, I haven’t had a date in 2.5 years. (But who’s counting) This is the thing…I would’ve loved to have met him for coffee because he was one of the first guys who interested me on this online dating site. I really wanted to go out with him but I waited because I had not heard from him in several weeks. Ehemmm 🗣Where ya been, sir!? Anyway, he asked me out to coffee after weeks before saying he wanted to take me to a Japanese steakhouse in my area. Oh no, make no…

  • What Is Beauty & How Do You Get It?

    What Is Beauty & How Do You Get It?

    My mother was a New York fashion model in the late 1940’s. My daughter is a New York fashion photographer, and I’ve spent my whole life in the beauty business. I know how to polish “diamonds in the rough,” and I know how to make “plain” people look attractive. I’ve seen models turn anorexic and almost die. I’ve seen girls who never had a date in high school become covergirls. I’ve seen people with incredible potential go nowhere from a lack of confidence. I’ve seen popular girls enjoy the spotlight… too much. I also know what it’s like to feel ugly. I was the fat daughter of a beautiful mother.…

  • Devil is a liar

    Affirmations for when the voices in your head are as obnoxious as a Britney Spears song

    I pray that prayer almost daily, because there are so many conflicting voices that surround and confuse and violate what I know God says about me. Beautiful soul, if you’re anything like me, you have given in to believing lies about yourself way too many times. Sometimes these lies are ingrained in us, we are raised to unconsciously believe they are true, whether by cultural or family influences, and it can get so confusing to discern what is true and what is false. Sometimes these lies come direct from the mouths of people. People who mattered to you. People you thought you mattered to. People you trusted. “GOOD” people. People…